Thank You


Local residents fish off the jetties in Galveston Bay.

Don’t Trash a Good Thing. Even if you’re miles from the coast, water from storm drains and creeks all over the Houston area finds its way into Galveston Bay. Stopping litter and harmful runoff at the source can make a big difference.

A bird hunts for food in Galveston Bay.

Save Water Here – and There. Plants and animals in the Bay depend on the right mix of fresh and salt water. Doing your part to reduce water waste at home and at work helps preserve this balance and keeps the Bay healthy.

Lily pads float on the water near Galveston Bay.

Help Preserve Bay Habitats. Wetlands and other Bay-area habitats support wildlife, filter pollution from our water and help act as a buffer against hurricanes and flooding. Supporting land preservation and reducing the spread of invasive species helps the Bay keep up the good work.

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